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Who we are

The FrieslandCampina Institute informs, inspires and engages healthcare professionals, nutritionists, and scientists worldwide, by actively sharing our expertise. We provide latest scientific knowledge and practical tools on a wide variety of nutrition and health topics, ranging from general health to the nutritional composition of milk and dairy products.

Why and how

By sharing scientific expertise and partnering with nutrition and health experts, the FrieslandCampina Institute aims to contribute to the improvement of the nutritional status of people worldwide by:

  1. Actively translating insights on scientific and nutritional developments into consumer needs and stakeholder dialogues.
  2. Being a credible partner in finding solutions to nutrition-related public health problems.
  3. Contributing to nutritional and educational solutions to fill the gaps and adequately nourish people around the world.
  4. Sharing health care professionals with science-based information on dairy, nutrition and health, and providing them with practical tools.