Advisory board 4


Em. Professor Wim Saris (Netherlands)
Expertise: Human nutrition

About Wim Saris

Wim H.M. Saris (1949) MD, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Human Nutrition at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Science of the Maastricht University, The Netherlands. In 1992 he initiated the Nutrition and Toxicology Research Institute NUTRIM and was the scientific director till 2005. From 2005 till 2014 he was part-time Corporate Scientist Human Nutrition at DSM, Food Specialties division in Delft.

He is author or co-author of 7 books and over 500 scientifically refereed articles dealing with topics like nutrition, obesity, type 2 diabetes, exercise physiology, cancer cachexia, functional foods and nutrigenomics. He served many national and international committees among others the Dutch Health and Nutrition Council and the Scientific Committee on Food (SCF now EFSA) of the European Commission in Brussels, the European Technology Platform (ETP) initiative “Food for Life” and was chairmen of the EU Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) “ Healthy diet for a healthy life”. He is now president of ILSI Europe in Brussels.