FrieslandCampina Institute partners with various organisations all over the world, to actively exchange knowledge, use each other’s networks and work together on better nutrition for all. Some examples are:

  • The European Federation of the Association of Dieticians (EFAD). The partnerships focus on educational programs for European dietitians.
  • Dutch Association for Dieticians (NVD) to discuss the future trends and developments related to the profession of dietitians.

Scientific partners

Partners 1R&D experts from FrieslandCampina collaborate with internationally respected knowledge institutes, resulting in a broad global scientific community which gives FrieslandCampina Institute access to the latest scientific insights on important health issues, mobility, nutrient security and sustainable and affordable diets.

  • European scientific partners: Wageningen University and Research Centre, VU University Amsterdam, Maastricht University, University of Groningen, TI Food and Nutrition and INRA Paris.
  • Asian scientific partners: Universiti Kebansgsaan (Malaysian), Institute of Nutrition Mahidol University (Thailand), National Institute of Nutrition (Vietnam), Centre for Applied Health Technology, Clinical Epidemiology (Indonesia) and Hong Kong University (China).

Science-based communication platforms

FrieslandCampina representatives are also active in science-based communication platforms on dairy consumption and health, founded by national dairy associations and other dairy companies:

  • International Dairy Federation (IDF)
  • European Dairy Association (EDA)
  • Global Dairy Platform (GDP)