The FrieslandCampina Institute is connected to a network of initiatives and organizations that stimulate research and communication of knowledge and insights on the role of dairy products for nutrition and health.

TI Food and Nutrition

TI Food and Nutrition is a public private partnership of science, industry and government conducting strategic and innovative research in food and nutrition. FrieslandCampina became a partner of TI Food and Nutrition in 1998 with the aim to benefit from longer-term, fundamental collaboration on nutrition and health themes that are essential for innovation projects. The TIFN research helps to understand mechanisms and cause and effect relations between foods / food ingredients and health, strengthening the quality of health claim dossiers. Furthermore TIFN provides FrieslandCampina solutions to optimize and speed up development processes on sensory and structuring of food products. In recent years a number of projects have been completed on the role of (dairy) proteins in management of weight, blood pressure, muscle protein synthesis and safety for the kidneys.


Global Dairy Platform

FrieslandCampina is one of the founding fathers of the Global Dairy Platform. Global Dairy Platform leads the development of a collaborative, unified approach on common industry issues and the nurturing of innovative research so that consumers value milk and dairy products as naturally nutritious, enjoyable and an essential part of a healthy diet. The membership of CEOs, executives and researchers from corporations, communication and scientific bodies seeks to align and support the dairy industry in the promotion of sustainable dairy nutrition. Since its inception, Global Dairy Platform has worked to promote the nutrient richness of dairy products, bring balance and research to the role of milkfat in the diet and provide clarity on how dairy is managing its relationship with the environment.


International Dairy Federation

IDF aims to identify, elaborate and disseminate best practice at international level in order to guide the dairy sector and to harmonize members’ work on a variety of issues along the dairy production chain including animal health and welfare, protection of the environment, nutrition, food safety and hygiene and food standards.