Our way of working

Dairy plays an important role in worldwide nutrient security. We believe that by unleashing science based information on the role of dairy in the diet we can contribute to a better nutritional status for all. How? Through sharing knowledge on dairy, nutrition and health, stimulating scientific debate, and actively engaging with nutrition & health professionals all over the world.

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FrieslandCampina Institute provides nutrition and health professionals scientific information, accredited education programs, round table debates on scientific topics and practical tools on a wide variety of nutrition and health topics, ranging from general health in all stages of life to the nutritional composition of milk and dairy products. Our communications and educational tools are of a high scientific quality to provide nutrition and health professionals the best information and educational tools as possible, and to be a credible partner for them.

Unleashing science based information

Being credible is very important for the FrieslandCampina Institute. We have therefore developed an internal procedure for selecting, developing and publishing content.

1.   Selection
  • Scientific quality: we make use of the best available science by selecting meta-analysis, reviews and randomized controlled trails.
  • Well known institutions: guidelines of e.g. the WHO, FAO and (local) dietary guidelines are incorporated in our communications and educational tools.
2.   Development
  • Science: research experts within FrieslandCampina Research & Development take care that we make the right scientific interpretation to make sure that the scientific quality of our content is of the highest level and the latest scientific insights are taken into account.
  • Regulations: our content is checked by our regulatory affairs department.
  • Locally relevant: local nutritionists within FrieslandCampina make sure that our content is locally relevant with respect to country specific nutrient recommendations, dietary guidelines and nutrition & health challenges.
  • Practically relevant: our communications and educational tools are often reviewed by representatives of professional associations and/or our FrieslandCampina Institute panel and/or external expert panels that consists of dietitians, weight consultants and professionals working in youth care.
3.   Publication
  • Regular updates: we keep our information continuously up to date by staying informed on new science, guidelines and regulations.
  • Referencing: there is always a reference list available on our communications and on our website there is a hyperlink to the original scientific publication or abstract.
  • Non-branded: there are no product names mentioned and there are no visuals of FrieslandCampina products on our communication and educational tools.

New scientific insights

How do we deal with new scientific insights? As a starting point for developing new communications and educational tools we check the availability of meta-analyses, reviews and randomized controlled trials on a certain nutrition & health topic. New scientific insights that have recently been published are often not reviewed or included in a meta-analysis yet, but could be interesting and relevant to share with nutrition and health professionals. After a comprehensive check by the FrieslandCampina Institute and FrieslandCampina Research & Development experts we decide if we will incorporate new scientific insights in our communications and educational tools. Quality of the research methodology and type of research (randomized controlled trial/ cohort studies / clinical trials) are, amongst others, taken into consideration during this decision process. By publishing new scientific insights we always mention that it is about a new insight and compare the findings with current scientific consensus.

Being credible

FrieslandCampina Institute aims to be a credible partner for nutrition and health professionals. If you have any suggestions or comments on our communications and educational tools, we would appreciate your feedback by sending an email to: institute@frieslandcampina.com.

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