Physical activity and a healthy and varied diet are important in maintaining a healthy weight. People who eat and drink more than the energy they expend will gain weight, no matter what they eat or drink. Some people believe that dairy foods like, milk, yoghurt and cheese are fattening. However science does not support this.

Milk and weight managementResearch shows that dairy products, like milk, yoghurt and cheese can even play a role in maintaining a healthy weight. Studies involving energy restriction (‘weight loss diets’) in adults which include dairy in the diet help to improve body composition and the ratio of fat to fat-free mass in the short term. Long-term studies, without energy restriction, show that the consumption of milk and dairy products have a neutral effect on body weight. It could be explained by the nutrients in dairy, like protein and calcium. Protein contributes to growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Consumption of dairy as part of a varied diet also contributes to a healthy body for children and adolescents.

A positive energy balance on the long term is the main cause of gaining weight. No matter what you eat or drink. Within a healthy diet you won’t get fat from consuming dairy.

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