Digital conference – speaker Marjon Bachra

Digital conference – speaker Marjon Bachra Marjon Bachra, Managing Director JOGG (The Netherlands)

Marjon Bachra is the Managing Director of the Dutch JOGG organisation. JOGG promotes a healthy weight for young people in the Netherlands by reshaping the environment of our youngsters using a community-based approach and a range of projects and campaigns. Recently JOGG established an international learning community, Youth Health Community, which brings together programmes from around the world that on the promotion of a healthy weight for our young people.

Marjon has been leading JOGG since 2012. In 1998 she started her career in the private sector at Barentz. In 2003 she switched to the Dutch Government, where she worked for various ministries: Economic Affairs, Youth and Family, Education Culture and Science, Health and Welfare. All her positions focused on prevention and participation of youth. Ms Bachra holds a MSc in European Studies from the University of Amsterdam.

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