Digital conference – speaker Wang Zhixu

Prof. Dr. Wang Zhixu, Nanjing Medical University School of Public Health (China)

Dr. Wang Zhixu is a professor at Nanjing Medical University School of Public Health. He is also an executive council member of Chinese Nutrition Society, and the chairman of Maternal and Child Nutrition Branch of Chinese Nutrition Society.

At the same time, he has positions in many academic bodies related to maternal and child nutrition. He has study and work experience in the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine (now the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention), the HNRC on aging at Tufts University, the Medical School of Qingdao University. He has long been committed to the teaching, scientific research and health education of dietary nutrition of pregnant and lactating women, infant feeding, child eating and their effect on health. As a major drafting expert, he did a lot of work for the 2007, 2016 and 2021 editions of the Chinese Dietary Guidelines for Pregnant and Lactating Mother and Children under 6 years.

He is also major drafting expert for the 2013 and 2023 editions of Chinese DRIs (dietary reference intakes). He made outstanding achievements on methodology of dietary assessment in Chinese dietary background. He is an influencing KOL in maternal and infant nutrition in China.