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Are you a medical, nutrition or health student? Can you translate scientific knowledge into understandable information? Join the free FrieslandCampina Institute Nutrition Challenge and compete with other student teams! Participate and you can win an award, project management training and the possibility to pitch your idea to the FrieslandCampina Institute Global Team.

During this challenge, you will find information on misconceptions on dairy, health and sustainability within 24 hours, in an international business setting. Additionally, you will learn more about our Expert Team Nutrition and the way of working within the organization.

Your team will work on the key topic Truth or dairy: investigate misconceptions (“myths”) on dairy, health and sustainability. The sub-topics you can choose from are:

  • Take a sneak peek of our upcoming activitiesDairy consumption causes weight gain
  • Dairy consumption causes cardiovascular diseases
  • A vegan diet is the most sustainable
  • All milk alternatives are healthier than dairy
  • Milk contains harmful hormones
  • Dairy is only for children, not for adults

Practical information

For university students, you will investigate these misconceptions using scientific literature. For dietetics students, the knowledge on dairy could be applied more concretely, for example in day menus or dietary advice. The end product will be a creative product of your choice, in understandable language and accessible to a broad audience. The end product should be based on credible sources. Examples of the end product could be a podcast, video, TikTok, brochure, menu, infographic magazine or a webpage.

The FrieslandCampina Institute Nutrition Challenge will take place from Friday November 5th, 12.30 CET, until Saturday November 6th, 14.00 CET.

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