Webinar The Immune System and Dairy Science on Immunity

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This webinar The Immune System and Dairy Science on Immunity was held on September 14th. The 2 speakers were Dr Marlotte Vonk and Prof Joost Neerven.

About the speakers

Joost van NeervenWebinar | Milk and immunity 2Dr. Marlotte Vonk (Ph.D in Nutritional Immunology) is a scientist in the field of infant nutrition & immunology. Currently, Marlotte works with the FrieslandCampina Research and Development team in Singapore, and is involved in early life nutrition research and product innovation.

Professor Joost van Neerven is a professor of Mucosal Immunity at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Joost is also an immunologist with FrieslandCampina Research and his interests include (mucosal) immunology, allergy, nutrition and milk.