Digital launch of FrieslandCampina Institute Nigeria

Despite the numerous limitations in place due to the current global coronavirus pandemic, FrieslandCampina Institute is committed to collaborating with healthcare practitioners to ensure a healthy and productive nation. As such, on April 1st, FrieslandCampina Institute went digital to officially launch its presence in Nigeria.

Digital launch of FrieslandCampina Institute Nigeria

The digital launch event started with an introduction to FrieslandCampina Institute by Dr. Rolf Bos, Director of FrieslandCampina Institute. “We believe dairy plays an important role in worldwide nutrient security and by unleashing science based information on the role of dairy in diet, we can contribute to better nutritional status for all,” he explained.

Next was an educational presentation on the role of dairy nutrition during adolescence in supporting optimum growth and development in early life, by Dr. Anne Schaafsma, senior development specialist from FrieslandCampina. “Good nutrition is important for adolescent girls who may become pregnant, as nutrition during the pre-pregnancy period influences the quality of pregnancy and health outcomes for infants,” said Schaafsma.

A total of 352 health and nutrition professionals registered for the digital launch event. Thank you for supporting FrieslandCampina Institute and see you at the next webinar!

If you missed the digital launch, watch the recording here