First-of-its-kind lactose reference book published by Elsevier

A novel professional reference book with the title Lactose: Evolutionary Role, Health Effects, and Applications was recently published by Elsevier. The 310-pages reference book provides a holistic overview of lactose and provides correct information on lactose, replacing many misunderstandings and confusions on the topic.

Auto Draft 17The content covers the intriguing evolutionary biology advantages associated with lactose digestion in humans and other vital details, such as:

  • unique characteristics of lactose and how it differ from other saccharides;
  • the impact of lactose on human health;
  • latest updates from research and development;
  • the rationale for the application of lactose as an ingredient in food and pharmaceutical products; and
  • lactose in the dairy production chain.

The book was edited by Marcel Paques and Cordula Lindner, and written in close collaboration with key experts who have extensive knowledge in this field with years of study and practice under their belt. The book is suitable for professionals such as dairy and food scientists, nutritionists, those who work in the field of dairy and food research and development, graduate students and health professionals (including medical specialists, dieticians, and nutrition policy makers).

The first-of-its-kind professional reference book on lactose is now available for pre-order on Elsevier, Amazon and various other websites. The language of the book is English. Click here to be redirected to the Elsevier site.

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