FrieslandCampina to initiate one of the largest nutrition surveys with more than 18,000 children in Southeast Asia

Royal FrieslandCampina, a global dairy company, announced the initiation of the second Southeast Asia Nutrition Survey (SEANUTS II). The survey will study the nutritional status of more than 18,000 children in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, in close collaboration with reputable research institutes and universities.

FrieslandCampina to initiate one of the largest nutrition surveys with more than 18,000 children in Southeast AsiaInformation will be gathered on growth, dietary intake, physical activity and biochemical parameters of children aged six months to 12 years. Due to the extent and severity of malnutrition in the region, the survey will put extra focus on gaining insights on protein consumption and nutriture. Protein is a critical building block for children’s growth and development.
In Indonesia the survey will be performed by the Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia in cooperation with FrieslandCampina. Results are expected in the year 2021 and will be used to develop country-specific interventions, strengthen scientific knowledge and support government policy.

Prof. Dr. dr. Rini Sekartini, SpA(K), Professor of Child Health University of Indonesia and Principal Investigator Seanuts II for Indonesia. “We are pleased to work with FrieslandCampina on this large, in-depth survey to gain insights in growth trends, dietary habits, physical activity patterns, sleep patterns and nutritional status of children in our country. The first edition of SEANUTS revealed that many children in Indonesia and the other countries suffer from the double burden of malnutrition (undernutrition and obesity). This second edition will focus more on protein quantity and quality to gain more in-depth insight on its possible role related to this problem”

Roel van Neerbos, President of Consumer Dairy Royal FrieslandCampina. “Good nutrition is a crucial factor in the growth, health and development of children. It is acknowledged that worldwide many children have dietary imbalances resulting in over or undernutrition. For years, Frisian Flag in Indonesia as part of FrieslandCampina works together with Governments, NGO’s and health care professionals to educate and inspire families to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This survey will give us the knowledge on the gaps in nutritional needs of these children and further develop dairy products and lifestyle programs that are tailored for their special nutritional needs”

About the survey: SEANUTS
SEANUTS II is the follow up of SEANUTS I, the first edition of survey which was conducted in 2010-2011. The results reinforced the persistence of the important nutrition and health issue ‘hidden hunger’ in South East Asia. The term ‘hidden hunger’ illustrates nutritional deficiencies that cannot be visibly observed. Overall, the children may appear healthy or even overfed but they may still suffer from a significant lack of nutrients such as vitamin D and calcium; essential components for the growth and development. The results of SEANUTS I were successfully translated into nutrition and lifestyle programs like DrinkMoveBeStrong and School Milk Programs and used to support of government policies. The insights that were gained were used to develop our FrieslandCampina Nutritional Standards and led to the reformulation of many products.


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