FrieslandCampina Institute survey: outcomes and prize winners

In October and November 2018, the FrieslandCampina Institute conducted a survey to gain insight into the opinion of nutrition and health professionals towards our services. With this survey, we wanted to better understand the needs and interests of professionals towards receiving nutrition and health related information.

FrieslandCampina Institute values your opinion

We have received a lot of responses: more than 600. Due to this high number of responses, we received a lot of valuable feedback and helpful insights. Therefore, we want to thank everyone for their time and effort to fill out the survey.

Some of the insights we obtained:

  • Most respondents view the FrieslandCampina Institute as a valuable information source;
  • The information the FrieslandCampina Institute provides is reviewed as relevant and of high quality;
  • Creating materials with a wider range of nutrition and health topics and staying transparent about who we are and what the FrieslandCampina Institute does are two important improvement points.

We will incorporate the insights we obtained from the survey in our plans for 2019.

Since the survey is closed, the winners of the iPad prize have been selected and received an email. Congratulations to those who have won!