Protein-rich foods: research on the effect on muscle mass

It is commonly known that protein plays a role in building muscle mass. But what about protein-rich foods such as cheese and quark? Do these also stimulate the production of muscle protein? And what is the effect of protein intake before sleep after being physically active? This is explained by researchers Wesly Hermans and Assistant Professor Jorn Trommelen (Maastricht University The Netherlands).

Watch below the video of PhD student Wesley Hermans explaining his research into the potential of protein-rich whole-foods (e.g. cheese and quark) to stimulate muscle protein synthesis rates in healthy young and older adults. (video 2.52 min)

This research was conducted by Maastricht University’s M3 Research group and was established through support from TKI LSH Health Holland and FrieslandCampina.

Watch the video below with Assistant Professor Jorn Trommelen explaining the effect of protein supplementation before sleep, specifically when you have been physical active. (video 2.58 min)


This research, which was conducted by Maastricht University’s M3 Research group, was established through support from the TiFN consortium, which included FrieslandCampina.


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