FrieslandCampina Institute partners with various organisations all over the world, to actively exchange knowledge, use each other’s networks and work together on better nutrition for all.

Nutrition and health partners Nigeria

Scientific partners

Partners 1R&D experts from FrieslandCampina collaborate with internationally respected knowledge institutes, resulting in a broad global scientific community which gives FrieslandCampina Institute access to the latest scientific insights on important health issues, mobility, nutrient security and sustainable and affordable diets.

  • European scientific partners: Wageningen University and Research Centre, VU University Amsterdam, Maastricht University, University of Groningen, TI Food and Nutrition and INRA Paris.
  • Asian scientific partners: Universiti Kebansgsaan (Malaysian), Institute of Nutrition Mahidol University (Thailand), National Institute of Nutrition (Vietnam), Centre for Applied Health Technology, Clinical Epidemiology (Indonesia) and Hong Kong University (China).

Science-based communication platforms

FrieslandCampina representatives are also active in science-based communication platforms on dairy consumption and health, founded by national dairy associations and other dairy companies:

  • International Dairy Federation (IDF)
  • European Dairy Association (EDA)
  • Global Dairy Platform (GDP)